Bonjour! I have about fifteen minutes to write a post before heading out to catch the bus to the airport. I think I left off in Lyon.

I was limited to activity because of the rain, so I stayed in the vicinity of the hostel. The hostel is on the hill overlooking the city; it’s hard to walk anywhere with rain pouring down in the opposite direction of the umbrella, while water rushed down the hill as I walked up.

I found a little gem on the corner that was open. They served the freshest French Cuisine. And yes, I know that most of French cuisine is fresh.  I ordered from the lunch menu. I had the Salade de pâtes à l’italienne and a smoked ham & butter baguette. The meal was heavenly. I had mint green tea to top it all off. I will be reconstructing this salad when I get back from France. There will be a lot of recipes I’ll be taking home with me.

What a great way to end my time in Lyon, France.

Rain rain rain. I was cursed with three days of rain. I still made the best of it. When I got to Marseille, it was late night, and it was still raining.


Luckily in the morning, the sky was clear, and the sun was out. It was a bit cold and windy, but I bundled up and headed out for a day  of exploring. I wanted to spend a little time walking the water and visiting all the local shops first.

I’m guess that Marseille, like other vacation spots, is a lot busier in the warmer months. A lot of the restaurants were closed up for the season, but I managed to find one for lunch.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  For lunch, I stopped at Le Cabanon, a restaurant that overlooked the sea. I ordered the Chèvre Chaud, and let me tell you, « it was incredible. » I thought the little circle things on the toast were mushrooms, so I almost didn’t eat them. I decided to be daring and have a bite. Turns out, it was sautéed goat cheese. This was one of the best flavors I’ve had all trip. Again, I will be reconstructing this salad as well. I feel like I’m pulling a « barefoot contessa » with all of theses reconstructions in my future. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I also had cafe au lait with my meal. The cool thing about this coffee is that they add sea salt to the foam to represent the sea. I like signature touches like such.


After lunch, I headed back to the hostel to warm up, and plan my trip to Notre Dame. (will blog about notre dame later).



Late afternoon, when I got back from Notre Dame, I had cafe espresso and apple almond tart.


I am sad to be leaving Marseille today, but I’m frying Rennes, and I know it’ll be a blast. Hoepfully I can find the time to fill you in on more detailed posts.

Until then, you can follow my trip on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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