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I was just about to write my « Day in Paris: part four », but I feel like I’m falling behind in one day. I’ll get to my part four, but right now, I wan’t to fill you all in on what’s been going on during my trip.

Friday, Halloween night, I hung out in the common area watching « I Know What You Did Last Summer » with some of the other travelers. I was exhausted from the day, and wanted to relax. The French don’t celebrate Halloween like we do in the states. We are obnoxious halloween lovers; in France, you might see a pumpkin in the window.

Saturday morning, I woke up and walked the market. I was getting hungry and decided to try out a French Bakery called « Bob’s Bake Shop. » Marie-Jeane, one of the hostel representatives, told me it was her favorite place.

As I was having breakfast, I started mapping out how to get to the train station. Apparently my instructions weren’t very good because THIS happened.


That night, I just needed to recoup, eat some dinner, and plan out my next day in Strasbourg.

I woke up the next day feeling great. I headed downstairs for a delicious breakfast, and then went out.


First thing I did? Crossed the Pedestrian Bridge that leads into Germany. It was gorgeous. I’ll post more photos in a detailed post, but this is just a « catch up » one for now.


After walking back from Germany into France (that just sounded cool) I decided to try to give the bus one more shot.  I had mapped it out on the computer before to be more prepared. I made it to Grand Central as planned. I went all around Strasbourg visiting another Notre Dame Cathedral and some of the villages.


I walked back over to Germany to grab something to eat. It’s the closest to the Hostel. I wanted to something fast to go a because I didn’t want to get lost after dark. It’s happened way too much already.

I ordered a « peperoni pizza », but apparently pepperoni is something different in Germany 😉 I ended up having a couple of slices and then giving the rest to a homeless kid laying on the church’s steps. I wasn’t going to eat the whole thing and it would have just gone to waste.


I made it just in time. The sky was still light enough to see and the water view was gorgeous.

PicMonkey Collage

I couldn’t pass the gelato truck without stopping for some pistachio gelato, and boy was it good!


I woke up early Monday to head to the train station. I wanted to leave two hours in advance because of my luck with transportations.

The ticket was a little confusing because it said I was going to « Lyon » at 9h17 but on the screen it said « Montpellier » at 9h17. I asked a little old lady to help me and she said it was the same direction. She gave me some advice and tips about the train system. She was the sweetest!


I made it on the right train heading towards Lyon! It was a four hour train ride, but it went by fast.


The guy from the hostel picked me up at the train station. It was a nice relief to not have to worry about the buses/metros…

This is by far my favorite hostel. That is the view from my room’s window! I’ll talk more about it in a later post.


I decided to take the open bus tour. I only have about 36 hours in Lyon and wanted to make the best of it. Apparently no one rides the bus when it’s pouring down rain and freezing. I didn’t mind. I had a waterproof camera and was ready for the ride!


It was worth all of the great photos I took. I’ll also post those some other time:) Right now, I am going to go pack my things, plan my route to the station, and explore some more. I might go pick up some breakfast too!

I’m heading to Marseille today~

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